What others are saying about
Gretchen Lane Totes:

"The Cheryl Tote is my favorite bag! I carry it almost every day. It's so comfortable and convenient. It's just the right size, it's soft, it's easy to carry, and I can fit everything I need into it."
- Ashley R., Rocky Mount, NC

"You can tell this bag is well-made, and is built to last a long time. Well-done! I love it!"
- Kim C., Randleman, NC

"I love this bag (Cheryl Tote) because it's just the right size!"
- Jenny L., Mocksville, NC

"These bags are so cute! As soon as I got one for myself, all my friends wanted one!"
- Audrey S., Greensboro, NC

"The bags are absolutely beautiful! I"m so excited to be able to give such great gifts to my bridesmaids. They will love them!"
- Sharon P., Greensboro, NC


I love my bag (The Merrillyn) that by the way is about two-three years old and I haven’t changed it out in that whole period of time.  I love it!!! 
You should put on your website that it is mommy proof.  It can be hung on, jerked,
caught on shopping racks, slung around in circles as everything in it falls out
(I do wish there was a zipper for this very reason),
and walked all over by various children!!!
That is one tough pocket book.  I haven’t ever had one last this long!!!

- Wendy W., Greensboro, NC